PETG a new type high-tech material, owns high quality and provides the solutions to the defects of the traditional materials generated in the manufacturing and usage process. It possesses the better way to be energy saving and environmental protection as well as initiates a low carbon living environment.Therefore, it is a truly green product.

Produc Details

1.Thickness: 0.8mm-12.00mm

2.Width: Max. 1220mm


4.Colors: clear, blue, green and opal

5.NOTE: Color and size can be custom-made



2.Breed diversity

3.Chemical Stability

4. Protective Persistency

5. Block Sealing.

6. Excellent Fire Resistance.

7.Highly Energy-Efficient

Main Products:

Labels/Storage rack/panel/ Furniture/Construction and mechanical damper

,Single-side dull polish sheet, double-side dull polish sheet, dull polish colored sheet;

Transparent sheet, film pasting sheet, colored sheet, sheets for armet and albumen plate and so on.


Bus shelters,Poster protection,Displays,Bus Shelters (UV Version)

Machine Guards,Price tag holders,Dispensers,Shelf Dividers,Poster Protections

Flat or thermoformed machine guards,Transparent Covers,Lids & trays,

Containers for food contact & pharmaceutical applications,Components for toys & games,

Cycle helmets,Greenhouse glazing,Alternative to glass,bathroom screen

outer side Application

1 Industrial workshop, warehouse glazing

2 Sports stadiums roofing

3 Parking cover

4 Public building glazing

5 Corridor roofing

6 Sound barrier

7 Terrace

8 Kiosk

9 Carport

10 Greenhouse

11 Poster board

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