PE Protective Film

By keeping track with the market developments, we are eminent Manufacturer and Exporter of PE Protective Film in Shandong, China.


PE protective film by sticky forces main performance indicators: super low sticky PE protective film, low sticky PE protective film, medium sticky, high sticky, super high adhesive protective film.

          Here is 2 main types of it abd its main application

 Low tack:

suitable for paste more smooth surface,PC sheet, glossy plastic, acrylic plate, glass, etc.Medium tack: suitable for paste stainless steel sheet,laminate, nameplate, aluminum plate, etc.,

High tack :

suitable for more rough surface,matt, flat, etc., wooden floor, galvanized steel sheet,powder coating steel, computer case, etc.

  How to test PE protective film?

Performance test:

It’s easy to tear off from the body surface and no glue is transferred. Bend 90 with the steel plate, and it doesn’t fracture and fall off.

Load carrying test:

Carry a 2Kg/2.5 c㎡ load for 360 hours under temperature of 20℃-50℃, and no adhesive residue left on the surface.

Aging resistance test:

Exposing in 50 of 300w ultraviolet for 240 hours, no crack, no deformation and no adhesive residue leaves on the surface.

Moisture resistance test:

Exposing in light for one hour + exposing in the rain for one hour, after 240 hours, it doesn’t fall off and no adhesive residue leaves on the surface.

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