PA/PE Thermoforming Film For Smoked Meat Packaging Food Packing Film

Also known as: vacuum forming; barrier films for food packaging;


Dehui produced the world’s most advanced thermoforming film, meat packaging applications. Our film series with the innovative patented and advanced patented technology to ensure maximum shelf life of your products and excellent presentation.


·Highly suitable for all other types of automatic thermoforming machines

·Excellent forming ability improving presentation and efficiencies

·Keep the product fresh and free of preservatives

·High gloss and optics, pre and post shrink

·High puncture resistance and easy to take air

·Bulk packaging options are available for food and medical industries

·Flexible options for small packaged retail stores when packed

·Maintain packaging reliability

·Most suitable for sharp products

  Application of Thermoforming Film

PAPE Thermoforming Film For Smoked Meat Packaging
PAPE Thermoforming Film For Smoked Meat Packaging

Common in use for chicken, beef, meat with bones etc.


1.What is the advantages of thermoforming film?

flexible structure design, can use different structure design, to meet the quality requirements of different products;

low cost: glass packaging, aluminum foil packaging and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extruded films has a great advantage in terms of cost, so production of film products Chen Ben with dry-type laminating film and other film contrast can be reduced by 10%-30%.

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