Dehui Film is a professional supplier and exporter from China. Our PA/PE films are 3 5 7 layers extruded film.

      What is PA/PE films?

Composite films made of polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE) are a popular packaging solution thanks to their diversity. This material is frequently used in the food industry. But PA/PE is also used to package solid and liquid products (e.g. screws, adhesives or resins) thanks to its excellent properties.

pa/pe film
pa/pe film

PA/PE films are composed of at least one layer of PA and one layer of PE. Their composition can, however, be more complicated in some cases. Additives can be used to improve the composite. The polyamide can be combined with the polyethylene by laminating the pre-manufactured individual films, through extrusion coating or through coextrusion.


From the polyamide: Improved mechanical properties: high tear and puncture resistance Barrier: low gas, grease and aroma permeability

From the polyethylene: Barrier: water vapour impermeability Acts as a sealant layer and stabilises the film

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