Milky White Polyester Film


Milky White Polyester Film Products Details:

Products Names: White PET Film, Milky PET Film, Milky Polyester Film,Milky White Polyester Film

Color/Types: Milky and White

Thickness: 12/23/25/50/75/100/125/188/250/350 um

Width: 10 mm  –3000  mm

Corona Treatment: NON



Non-toxic, tasteless,

Can be directly used for food packaging,

Thermal stability at elevated temperatures

Good mechanical properties,Impact strength

Good Tensile break strength,Tensile yield strength,Elongation at break

Good performance on Chemical and electrical resistance

Resistant to most solvents,UV Block,good glossy


1.Slot and coil insulation of motor

2.Separate insulating base material between the coils of dry transformer etc

3.used as an electrical insulation and as a laminate with other substrates.

4.used for ground insulation as slot liners and wedges, as well as phase insulation.

5.In wire and cable applications, it is ideal for mechanical barriers. transformer and high-voltage distribution equipment to wrap the conductors.

7.use in hermetic applications with refrigerator and air conditioner motor / compressor

8.Widely used in Packing,Printing,Electronic,folding box,vacuum thermoforming, blister.stationery, toys, tools, gifts, medicine etc

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