Metallized polyester film manufacturer

Dehui Film,is one of the biggest factory for metallized polyester film manufacturer. Our producutin line is from German Bruckner,And UK ASHE cutting machine. Dehui metallized polyester film is the best solution when it comes to high gas barrier levels and aroma & flavor retention.

Metallizing of PET film under vacuum conditions is a proven technology to achieve special optical properties and reduce diffusion of gases and flavors through the film. The most commonly used metal is aluminum but other metals can be applied also.

Dehui Polyester film is one of the best substrates for metallizing purposes and can be metallized without any pretreatment.

Due to its high surface energy a high metal adhesion as well as good homogeneity of the metal layer is achieved, leading to high oxygen and general gas barrier as well as a significant improvement of the water vapor barrier.

Dehui PET film offers a variety of adhesion promoting Polyester film along with combinations of plasma gases to get excellent metal adhesion and good homogeneity of the metal layer is achieved, leading to high oxygen and general gas barrier as well as a significant improvement of the water vapor barrier.

  Properties of MPET film

Coffee capsules are also made of Aluminium

In contrast to aluminum foils, which are made entirely of light metal, metallized PET foils are plastic foils which are only evaporated withaluminium powder in a high vacuum. For this process, it is used pure aluminium in powder form with an aluminium content of at least 99,98%. The films produced this way obtain a metallic shine and thereby achieve a special optical effect.

In addition to the optical effect, the aluminum vaporization serves in particular to improve its barrier effects against vapours, gases and aromas in comparison to non-metallized plastic film. Overall, the metallized PET films are less gas-tight than “real” aluminum foil, but more tear resistant, more flexible and lighter. Also, they are less sensitive to corrosion and not as winkle-prone as pure aluminium foil.

  Applications for metallized PET-film

Metallized PET films are an ideal solution for all applications that require the preservation of flavour and freshness. It is suitable for many applications in the packaging industry as well as for applications in the technical and industrial sectors.

PET films have particular advantages where the higher gas tightness of the aluminum foil is not required.

Metallized PET film can be printed like aluminum foil, and it results in a variety of optical variants. The gloss level of metallized PET film is much higher than for aluminum foil. So with metallized PET film you can achieve a stronger mirror effect. This is also used when printing – for example, without a white primer, yellow color shimmers gold.

Therefore, PET met films offer an ideal opportunity to combine certain protective and barrier functions with an attractive appearance. And the protection of the food is not quite as high as with real aluminum foil and the shelf life may need to be shortened.

MPET Film Applications
MPET Film Applications

In combination with other materials,PET met foils are ideal for snacks packaging, thermonuclear container covers such as yogurt cups or refill bags for cosmetic products. Coffee and pet kibbles remain dry in those PET packaging and retain their full aroma and flavor for a long time.