Metallized PET Films Applications

Metallized PET films are an ideal solution for all applications that require the preservation of flavor and freshness. It is suitable for many applications in the packaging industry as well as for applications in the technical and industrial sectors.  So Metallized PET films applications are widely.

PET films have particular advantages where the higher gas tightness of the aluminum foil is not required.

If high gas tightness or opacity is important, better use aluminum foil.

Metallized PET film can be printed like aluminum foil, and it results in a variety of optical variants. The gloss level of metallized PET film is much higher than for aluminum foil. With metallized PET film you can achieve a stronger mirror effect. This is also used when printing – for example, without a white primer, yellow colour shimmers gold.

Therefore, PET met films offer an ideal opportunity to combine certain protective and barrier functions with an attractive appearance.The protection of the food is not quite as high as with real aluminum foil and the shelf life may need to be shortened.

In combination with other materials, for example, PET met foils are ideal for snacks packaging, thermoformable container covers such as yogurt cups or refill bags for cosmetic products.   Coffee and pet kibbles remain dry in those PET packaging and retain their full aroma and flavour for a long time.

For tomatoes, better use PET-met film instead of aluminium foil!

In the particular case of acidic, alkaline or salt-containing foods, metallized PET films are a perfect substitute for aluminium foils.  As a longer exposure or a large contact area of aluminium with those materials can release potentially harmful emission of aluminium into the edible content.

Insulation systems can also be realized with metallized PET films. For example for insulation against heat radiation in buildings or against heat conduction in vacuum insulation panels. In addition, PET met films can be used for decorative adhesive tapes. Labels made from metallized PET-film are highly resistant to heat and chemicals, which ensures a long-time durability.

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