Electrical insulation milky white polyester film

As we know, the application of milky white pet film is for insulation. Dehui Film is also engaged in manufacturing and supplying Milky Polyester Films, ideally suited for closures and inter phase insulation in electric motors & generators. Offered range is designed under the stern surveillance of our expert professionals using advanced technology and thus, are introduced integrated with toughness & insulation resistance. Prices offered are minimal and we make the delivery in a convenient way.


• Optimum Transparency

• Insulation resistant

• Resistant to chemical

milky white polyester film

We produce high quality milky white polyester film,which is a Bi-axially Oriented Polyester film made of special resin.

Milky white polyester film,milky white PET Film has a stable dimension,excellent tensile strength, heat-resistant, resistant to moisture, chemical corrosion resistance, and has superior insulation performance of excellent electrical, mechanical, heat-resistant, chemical properties.

Our milky white pet film can be used for motor, capacitor, coil, cable insulation materials,also has been widely used in electrical insulation industry, applicable to electronics, home appliances, instrumentation, display, motor slot etc.so It is mainly used for slot and coil insulation of motor and the separator between the coils of dry transformer

    The SPECIFICATION  for our insulation milky white polyester film.

Standard thickness is 75micron,100micron,125micron,150micron,188micron,25omicron.

Standard width: 1000mm/1010mm/1020mm/1500mm etc.

We also have flame retardant grade milky white pet film for insulation.

milky white polyester film, with excellent electrical insulation and mechanical properties.

It is mainly used for slot and coil insulation of motor and the separator between the coils of dry transformer.

Products White PET Film/White polyester film

Country of Origin China

Thickness 25mic,50mic,75micron,100micron,125micron,188micron,250micron

Treatment non corona OR one side corona treatment

Feature White opaque pet film,Milky White pet film

Applications: White opaque pet film for printing,lamination.

Milky White pet film for electrical insulation

Advantage SGS,REACH certificate

Packing method Standard export suspension pallet

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