How to make white PET Film


What is White pet film

  White pet film is also a Bi-axially Oriented PET film,but added with white master batch ,mixed with transparent PET resin ,using the same producing method,but high skillful technology.

How to make the white PET Film,or pet film in whiter color?

  To produce the white pet film,normally we add Titanium dioxide, also known as titanium(IV) oxide or titania, is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2.

  Our white pet film has high opacity, good whiteness and low light tranmission.which is suitable for varied printing applications especially in label and graphics industry,also great performance in lamination application.

  Our white pet film also can be used for release coating to make the white release pet film

  Our thickness available from 12mic to 250mic .Typical thickness available:12mic white pet film,23mic white pet film,25mic pet film,50mic white pet film,75mic white pet film,125mic white pet film,150mic white pet film,188 micron white pet film,250mic white pet film


  We have Reach and Rohs certificate,Welcome contact us for more details of data sheet, MSDS.