How can we print on plastic film


How can we print on plastic film

Transparent plastic sheets square measure helpful for art comes, business displays and teaching. once employed in combination with a lightweight projector, they’ll show the image or text of your selecting during a giant projection on a wall or screen.
Printing on clear plastic will be done on any home printer except optical maser printers, the warmth from which is able to stop ink particles from protrusive to the sheet properly. Special inks don’t seem to be required, and plastic printing sheets square measure offered commercially for this purpose

A flatbed printer is that the best thanks to print onto plastic sheets. the kind of plastic wasn’t per the question, however the sort I even have most typically written on is polycarbonate and acrylic, each concerning 3/16″ thick. These square measure normal materials in signmaking, with acrylic being most typically employed in channel letter signs as a result of it will be delve complicated shapes additional simply, and polycarbonate used additional usually in larger flat-panel signs as a result of it doesn’t shatter.

Either of those materials will be written directly with UV-cured inks on a flatbed printer. they’re command flat with vacuum pressure from the flatbed. Most printers will be adjusted to print on fairly thick materials, and their main advantage is having the ability to print on a large style of surfaces.

What printing plastic film we can supply?

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