Clear Mylar Film

We use Mylar for coming up with stencils to base paint our accessories previous.

14Mil thickness, they will be used for stencils for airbrushing, painting, brush painting, tattooing, etc. Draw your style & cut them out.
One Sheet of clear Mylar (uncutted) – cut the required size by yourself.Size of the sheet: 9.6 inch x 15.5 inch
10 Sheets of High Clear Mylar PET Polyester Film

high clear mylar film
high clear mylar film

Product details:

3 – 12×12″ Mylar Sheets (These square measure clear Mylar sheets, one aspect features a removable protecting film.)

Material: Mylar
Thickness: fourteen Mil
Length:12 inch x12 inch .9.6 inch x 15.5 inch

high clear mylar film
high clear mylar film


Label, decoration, packaging and cable wrapping…

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