What is High Barrier Packaging

High barrier packaging is a kind of high barrier of packaging materials, application and progress of the current industrial or industrial production prospects of the barrier materials are mainly PVDC, Evoh, pen, nitrile resin, polyamide and so on.

The most character of PVDC (Poly two vinyl chloride) is low permeability, barrier and chemical resistance.

At the beginning of developing high barrier packaging industry, consumer demand is the first factor of market development.

but cost is also an important factor in the development of new materials. The manufactuer believe that the food to reach consumers should try to keep their freshness. This is the first drive to develop new materials.

The second reason is the optimal operation, that is, to achieve the minimum cost of thin film materials. In other words, product sales should reflect a reasonable and correct price.

If it is just for the purpose of packaging common potato chips and such products, there is no need to design a high-grade film. Developers generally believe that the economy is behind the development, and creativity is behind the market. High barrier Light Flexible packaging market is a good example. To make the polymer packaging to replace metal cans, glass bottles or other hard packaging purposes, it must use high barrier materials and coextrusion technology.

Meat food packaging is the early application of barrier packaging industry sector. When high barrier technology was developed and perfected in the sector. Other food markets–fast food, cheese and sweets–began to follow suit, especially in new areas of fast food preparation. Because of the low fat content of this kind of food, the ability to keep the original flavor weakens. Therefore, in order to keep the food of low-fat and fat-free foods original flavor. It is necessary to turn to the plastic supply factory to provide high quality barrier film material to obtain longer food freshness time.

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