High Barrier Film manufacturer

With multiple lines capable of constructing barrier films with up to nine layers, Dehui Film is recognized because the leading freelance high barrier film manufacturer in China. Our films shield product and stop or minimize the migration of chemical element, liquids, oils, fats for increased time period.

At Dehui Film manufacturing plant, we have a tendency to work closely with you to engineer films combining alphabetic character, EVOH, nylon and different specialty resins that deliver the precise performance necessities required for a spread of applications including:

Meat Snacks


Nuts and Fruit

Pet Food and Treats

Medical and Pharmaceutical

BARRIER sealing material FILMS CUSTOM built FOR the foremost exacting APPLICATIONS

Our medium- and high-barrier films area unit lighter, nevertheless robust and sturdy, for a additional property earth-friendly package, whereas delivering consistent quality for max responsibility. Our experience allows USA to exactly target the proper properties to optimize your package, including:

Moisture and chemical element Barriers

Tear necessities

Dimple Resistance


Easy-Open options

Sealing Characteristics

Beside this, we will manufacturer below film:

EVOH sealing material films – the most effective selection for chemical element barrier, sensible clarity and powerful seals. custom-made  for stiffness, wet barrier, tear properties, flex crack resistance and easy-open options.

Nylon sealing material films – Ideal for moderate chemical element barrier, dimple resistance, toughness and tear resistance. custom-made  for wet barrier, easy-open options, increased formability and use with ionomer sealants.

7 Layer EVOH Film

Nylon EVOH sealing material films – For toughness and high-barrier properties. custom-made  for peel seals, formability and use with ionomer sealants.

For additional films we will provide. Welcome contact US for additional data via email : [email protected]