High Barrier Film application Market Analysis

Driven by the strong market demand for food, medicine, electronic devices and photovoltaic cells.High barrier packaging film materials in China are developing rapidly and continuously. High Barrier Film application Market has higher requirements for film materials. It require the use of multi-functional film materials such as high barrier, freshness, heat resistance and antimicrobial resistance.  Faced with the requirements of oxygen resistance and water resistance of film materials in different industries, high barrier film materials stand out for their excellent barrier performance and become the preferred way of packaging products in many industries.

The rise of fresh retail will expand EVOH demand

Food packaging is currently the most widely used high barrier materials in the field, currently 90% of the food using high barrier packaging, the annual high barrier food packaging consumption can reach more than 3.5 million tons.

The purpose of high-barrier packaging for food is to reduce the addition of preservatives and deoxidizers and effectively increase the shelf life of food. The high-barrier film is mainly used in high-end food packaging. It including: microwave/cooking/instant food packaging, meat packaging, snacks and agricultural and sideline food, beverage, dairy products soft packaging and so on.

The development of medicine will improve the production capacity of oxide coating

Pharmaceutical packaging is an important part of the pharmaceutical industry. In developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 30% of the value of drugs, while in China it is only 10%. In the pharmaceutical packaging products, medical plastic packaging film is an important component, its use is very broad, not only can be used for tablets, powders, granular drug packaging, but also can be used for paste, liquid and medicine carton packaging lining and medical equipment packaging. And high barrier film packaging is environmental protection plastic medical packaging materials, especially in the field of infusion packaging, not only eliminate the instability of the adhesive, but also improve the performance of the film, so that it is more safe and effective.

OLED explosion will promote high barrier film quality

OLED is a new generation of flat panel display technology after LCD. Compared with LCD, OLED display technology has the advantages of power saving, lightness, large viewing Angle and flexibility, and gradually becomes the mainstream solution for small and medium sized display panels. From 2013 to 2020, the high barrier film market annual growth rate of OLED production capacity in China will reach 64.82%.