High Barrier Coextrusion Film Application On MAP

Atmosphere preservation packaging is short for MAP or CAP.  It is the atmosphere tone packaging or replacement gas packaging, inflatable packaging. It is the use of gas barrier properties of packaging materials packing food.

Dehui Film mainly produces 7 layers of coextrusion high barrier cast film, 7 layers of co-extruded PA / EVOH / PE barrier film, 7 layers of coextrusion PA / PE medium barrier film, 7 layers of co-extruded PA / PP high temperature barrier film , PA / PE easily tear film, anti-fog film, and other types of functional multilayer co-extruded film.

7 layer co-extruded cast film, coextruded by a variety of materials, the performance of the advantages of a variety of raw materials collected, the different polarity of the resin modified polyolefin coextrusion bonding, including PE, PA, PP, EVOH variety of modified materials. Multi-layer co-extruded film to improve the oxygen and fragrance barrier, composite peel strength, environmental resistance and shelf life, but also achieved a variety of materials, a variety of advantages, with low overall cost, the appropriate secondary processing Replaced many of the dry-based composite packaging market, and no residual adhesive contamination. 7 layers of co-extruded film most suitable for oxygen, moisture and strength requirements of food,, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products packaging has become a new type of packaging in foreign countries trend.

  Our High Barrier Coextrusion Film Properties:

1, high barrier and aroma-proof PA / EVOH co-extruded film has strong barrier air performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, good bang performance.

In particular, the selection of EVOH as a barrier material, the oxygen transmission <10cc / m2.24h, water vapor transmission <10g / m2.24h

2, strong mechanical properties, anti-puncture, anti-breaking performance, outstanding tear resistance

3, PP high temperature (121 ℃), PE low temperature (-50 ℃)

4, oil, organic solvent-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food, pharmaceutical packaging health standards

5, good heat sealing performance and cooking ability

6, soft, good transparency

7, printing compound adaptability

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