Forming Web Film For Meat Packaging

  High Clarity top and bottom forming web film for meat packaging


Dehui Film can provide you with outstanding thermoforming packaging solutions to fit all your needs. Thermoforming packaging films from Dehui  will protect the integrity of the product, ensures safety and long shelf life, and provides information to consumers.


Material:PA/PE, PA/EVOH/PE

Process: Water qunched, Air cool

Specification: Width: 50 to 2000mm Length: customized Thickness:35 to 250um

Core: 3inch(76mm)

Run on various kinds of machines(multivac, Henkelman…)


More environment friendly , no-toxic.

Superior puncture resistant , high tensile strength .

High transparentand excellent performance.


1)Meats: frozen beef, frozen pork,

2)Cooked meat: sausage, ham,bacon,roast meat,grilled chicken,marinated egg;

3)Dairy products:Cheese,butter;

4)Aquatic products: frozen fish,kipper,Simulated crab;

5)Other products:Bean curd cake,pickles,peanut,jujube,vegetable,special local products, Medical bags.

Forming Web Film For Meat Packaging
Forming Web Film For Meat Packaging

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