High Clarity Forming And Non-Forming Film Manufacturer For Food Packaging


High clarity forming and non-forming web manufacturer for food packaging.

With forming and non-forming films, we offer a clear solution for showcasing your product – so that it can capture a consumer’s eyes. Both forming films and non-forming films make it possible to openly display a package’s contents, in the arrangement you like best.

As a leading packaging resource, Dehui Film offers forming and non-forming films to seal together and complete your packages.

  Product types:

  1– Forming Materials

· Nylon



· PE

· Surlyn

· Metallocene



– Formable high barrier base web.

– Improved draw depth properties for excellent forming and better corner wall thickness over standard films..

– Available gauge: 65-250 microns


  2–Non-Forming Materials

· Nylon

· Mylar




· PE

· Surlyn

· Metallocene

– Non formable high barrier top web.

– Sandwiched EVOH barrier for better protection.

– Non curling with good hot tack seal to base webs.

– Available gauge: 65-75 microns.


  3—Film with Food Grade

· Red

· Blue

· White

· Green

· Surface Printing

– Food Grade

– Up to 10 color printing

– Printed on top film


  Product Features:

1, high barrier: using different plastic material barrier performance and different difference, CO extrusion film, to achieve oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor and other high barrier effect;

2, strong function: oil resistance, humidity resistance, resistance to high temperature cooking at 120 degrees Celsius, low temperature freezing, quality preservation, preservation, smell. Can be used for vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging;

3, low cost, relative to other plastic packaging, glass packaging and aluminum foil packaging, to achieve the same effect of the barrier film has great advantages in cost. Because the process is simple, compared to the cost of the products and dry type composite films and other composite films can be reduced by 10-20%.

4, flexible structural design: different structural design can be used to meet the quality requirements of different products;

5, high strength: tensile characteristics of CO extruded film has in the process of processing, can improve the strength of the corresponding tensile plastic, can also be added in the middle of nylon, metallocene polyethylene plastic material, which has more than the general strength of the composite plastic packaging, there is no delamination phenomenon, good flexibility, good sealing;

6, capacity is small: CO extruded film can be used in vacuum shrink packaging, volume and capacity ratio of nearly 100%, this is the glass, cans, paper packaging incomparable;

7, no pollution: no binder, no residual solvent pollution problems, green environmental protection


These films are perfect for packaging a wide variety of applications for low- and high-speed production, from cheese and meats to bakery items, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.

With either solution, the type of materials best for your application depends on your needs regarding oxygen barriers, moisture barriers, sealability, and flexibility. With our knowledge and creativity, GreenPak can take all these factors into consideration to help you find the right forming or non-forming film fitted to your needs.

– Fresh Meat.

– Fish.

– Poultry.

– Sausages and Cured Meats.

– Cooked Meats.

– Cheese.

– Bread.

– Sauces and Soups.

– Processed Produce.

– Boil in the Bag and Pasteurization.

– Ready Meals.

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