7 layer co–extruded Barrier Films

  Barrier Films

The barrier films are usually obtained with the process of blow. They are usually multi-layer in nature as they have various layers of barrier material Evoh or polyamide When it comes to manufacturing of sophisticated 7, 5 layer co-extruded film structures for the barrier packaging markets, Vishakha certainly has an edge over the rest. Right from NYLON, EVOH, PET, MTALLOCENE, PP, PE and various other advanced polymers are used as materials to construct these barrier films. Mostly, it is a combination of these materials which results in a strong barrier film that proves to be a perfect barrier against oxygen and moisture, as well as microbes.


  Why use 7 layer co–extruded film?

Reduce weight and bulk of the product, to down gauging the thickness

Offer clear advantages over alternate films that are laminated or coated in multi-step processes.

Varieties of barrier film for Laminates with different substrate to improve the barrier property

Replaces Aluminum foil or traditional laminates substrate

Easy recyclable –eco friendly structure

Give more Flexibility depends on different materials to harness independent properties

Target raw materials to be produced based on the application

Make a better package

More layers= more versatility.

Number of different raw material can be run to achieve verities of property

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