Black polyester film

The basic news of Black polyester film:

Black polyester film is also called Black PET Film,Black color polyester film.Black pet film is made from special color masterbatch. (Chip dyed bopet film).Black color pet film Can be used for insulation tape,insulation applications. Dehui Film is ta producer of black polyester film/black PET film in China. With good quality and cheap price. we have serviced many customer from USA,Canada,Australia.UK,German.

Black polyester films are used in electronic components, drum skins, automotive and other general manufacturing industries.

Dehui offers a range of black polyester films in thicknesses from 50 to 250 microns and can supply either reels or sheets.

black polyester film
black polyester film


50 micron, 75 micron, 100 micron , 188 micron , 250 micron ,300 mciron

Our Black PET Film Description

Dehui Black polyester film is a highly opaque, black, pigment filled, untreated polyester film with excellent handling properties and good stability to prevent discolouring.


  • · Highly opaque with good pigment distribution
  • · Excellent thermal and dimensional stability
  • · Good handling characteristics
  • · Available in both reels and sheets in a wide range of thicknesses
  • Good black enveloping, uniform chroma;
  • Excellent electrical insulation;
  • Bright or matte;

PET black film application

Apply to make black tape, tape black slippery paper, shading piece, electrical insulation, electronic equipment, R type transformer Outsourcing, sound film diaphragm manufacturing, and shading screen, Adhesive tape and electronic insulating spacer etc.

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