Barrier Films for Food Packaging

  Dehui Film is a professional supplier in China, our product: Barrier Films & Laminations for Food Packaging. We can help you select which of the following types of film barriers are required for your packaging application.Below is main types of Barrier Films introduction.

Types of Barrier Films

  1. Advantages of film barriers •UV protection •prevents oxygen transfers •prevents odors •enhances moisture barrier properties •enhances gas barrier properties

  2. Oxygen Transfer Rate is used to measure the amount of oxygen that passes through a film. The lower the number, the better the film barrier.

  3. Foil (aluminum) backings offer the best best barrier protection with an OTR of 0. Foil is often used in candy wrappers, and to preserve chocolate.

  4. EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) barrier films have a excellent OTR at .6 cc/m²). EVOH barriers are often used to package meat, fish & poultry related products.

  5. MPET when OPP/BOPP films are laminated with metal foil (MET) it will increase the film’s oxygen & water barrier & block out UV rays. Because of the film’s stiffness, its used as a wrap for hard candies, chocolates & is resistant to heat and moisture.

  6. KPET is a soft saran coated PET film with good transparency. It is used as a substrate to laminate with other films. KPET has excellent gas, moisture and vapor properties making suitable for packaging of dry goods and protecting fragrant related items.

  7. PET (polyester) is very good oxygen barrier, heat resistant & strong film with good durability. PET film is an excellent laminating substrate for stand-up pouches. When PET films are laminated with metal foil it will increase the film’s oxygen- water barrier & block out UV rays. Metallized films for flexible packaging are essential when the product requires extra protection to ensure a longer shelf life MET PET provides protective properties for food items requiring restricted visibility.

  8. Nylon films have a high melting point and are used for cooking applications such as boiling, microwaving & baking. They have very good clarity & moisture barriers & considered a very strong film.

  9. Polypropylene is soft, clear glossy film with good moisture barriers & high oxygen transfer rates. They are often used for plastic food bags.

  10. LLDPE barrier films are inexpensive and have good clarity. They are used to package fresh, produce, frozen foods & baked goods. Because of their high OTR of 2500, they work well when the package requires oxygen.

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