Nowadays, Apet film PETG film PETGAG film is widely used by customers in different industries. Some people are using PETGAG film, so the film performance is close to PETG film and Costs much lower and better than APET.

Do you know the different between of them? Today’s,let’s talk about them.

What is APET?

  APET (Amorphous PET) is a thermoplastic sheet. It is produced by the extrusion processing of Polyethylene Terephthalate (APET) copolymer, a thermoplastic polyester.


The major usage of APET.

Major applications of APET are in the areas of thermoforming and packaging. Such as Blister packaging, Thermoforming, Fabricated packing

Blister packagingThermoformingFabricated packing
Pharmaceutical and medical industries – tablets, medical disposables, and medical devices for diagnostics and surgeryFast foods and takeaway and beverage industry – salads, sandwiches, ice-cream parlor cups, desserts, bakery items, mithai, tea coffee and drinks cupsApparel – boxes for shirts, ties, ladies hosieryGift and novelty items –
Consumer goods – toothbrushes, shaving blades, battery cellsPrepacked retail foods and confectionary – chocolate and biscuit trays, nuts, dried fruits, mithai boxes, ice-cream, butter and cream tubs and cups etc toys, dolls etc
Beauty aids
Personal hygiene products – single-use rigid pouches for hair oils, shampoos that currently use flexible packagingFarm Produce – boxes for strawberries and other berries, boxes and separators for packing of high value fruit and vegetables, herbs, egg cartons etc– scents, brushes
Processed foods – single portion packing of sauces, pickles, butter etc which are used in the catering industryPoint of purchase display packaging – electrical, electronic, tools, toys, stationary etc

What is PETG?

PETG is a plastic resin of the polyester family that is used to make beverage, food, and other liquid containers, as well as for some other thermoforming applications. PETG is a clear amorphous thermoplastic that can be injection molded or sheet extruded.


The major usage of PETG.

• Medical Packaging
• Printable
• Food Storage/Displays
• High Optical Quality
• Industrial Guards and CoversSlat-Wall Components

What is PETGAG?

PET GAG is a laminated sheet made of A-PET (Amorphous Polyester) inner layer and PETG (Amorphous Co-polyester) surface layer on both sides.


PET GAG features


  • Adhesion

Comparing with regular A-PET sheets. PET GAG has stronger adhesion strength due to the PETG surface layers.

  • Processability

Easy punching and bending by leading line. Less burring compared with A-PET materials.

  • Printing

Printing property is same as OETG, better than A-PET.

  • Thermal forming

Vacuum forming and bending with heat process can be applied.


Interior Decoration for Stores,Signboard/Display,POP advertisement

How to choose the right film from Apet film,PETGAG film,PETG film?

We make a comparing list for the properties for the APET Film,PETGAG film, PETG film. You will clear it well.

The difference on Physical properties

Test Item Unit Value Value Value Test Method
Specific Gravity 1.34 1.33 1.27 ASTM D792
Light Transmission % 88 89 90 ASTM D1003
Water Absorption@23 % 0.3 0.3 0.2 ASTM D570

Difference on Mechancal properties

Test Item Unit Value Value   Value Test Method
Tensile Strength Kgf /cm2(Mpa) 620(60) 591(58) 540(53) ASTM D638
Tensile Elongation % 200 170 50 ASTM D638
Flexural Strength Kgf /cm2(Mpa) 846(83) 834(82) 785(77 ASTM D790
Flexural Modulus Kgf /cm2(Mpa) 25900(2,540) 25000(2,452) 21414(2,100) ASTM D790
IZOD Impact Strength Kgf cm/cm(J/m 4.1(40.2) 5.1(50) 8.8(86.3) ASTM D256
Rockwell Hardness R Scale 117 115 115 ASTM D785

The difference on Thermal properties

Test Item Unit Value Value Value Test Method
Thermal deformation temperature(HDT)@4.6Kgf /cm2(0.45MPa)@18.6Kgf /cm2(1.82MPa) (OF) 70(158)67(153) 71(160)68(155) 74(165)70(158) ASTM D648  
Vicat Softening Temperature ‘@’1Kg load (OF) 78(172) 80(176) 83(181) ASTM D1525

What is the price difference between APET,PETG, PETGAG?

The price ofAPET,PETG, PETGAG are different.Normally speaking, PETG cost > APETG cost > APET cost. You can choose the materials as per your need and product specifications.

The APET,PETG, PETGAG supplier

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