anti-static PET film roll PET protective film


Anti-static PET film roll PET protective film

Film Features:

1.Perfect adhesive performance.

Silicone or acrylic adhesive, perfect adhesion, holding power, peeling, tear strength, long lasting protection.

2.Suitable hardness.

Special hardness processing, rub and scratch resistance, effectively prevent screen from scratching.

3.Bubble free good adsorption

No blistering, high quality adhesive lamination, well automatic adsorption for protective film layer and screen.

4.No residue

No glue remained when film removed, low rainbow, safely protect the screen with suitable peeling strength.

5.Special function optional

Anti-reflective, anti-glare, dustproof and waterproof, fingerprint free, washable and resizable etc.

6.Water tolerance and reuse

Waterproof protective film. Can be reuse after washed by neutral detergents. Re-peel off ability.

7.Excellent transparence.

Top layer materials, dustless coating workshop, OCA optical clear adhesive,no Newton ring. Transmittance: >93%.

8.High definition and nature color


Imported high-tech materials with strong transmission of light. HD definition with nature color.


Commodity: Mobile Phone,Camera, LCD screen protector(14 years professional manufacturing experience)
Main Series: clear matte mirror diamond privacy
Material: PET material from Japan, Korea, Taiwan
Total Thickness(mm): 0.235 0.235 0.325 0.215 0.395
Use layer thickness(mm): 0.125 0.125 0.22 0.13 0.32
Transparency: 97% 95% 85% 85% 80%
Hardness: 3-4H 3-4H 3-4H 3-4H 3-4H
Block the ultraviolet rate: 17% 25% 100% 25% 73%
Dimension: 1.04*200M 1.04*200M 1.04*200M 1.04*200M 500*500MM
Usage: mobile phone, tablet, PDA, Notebook, PC, Digital carema, GPS, PSP,etc.

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