Aluminum Foil Applications

Aluminum Foil Applications are widely.

Aluminum foils are real all-rounder and can be found in almost all sectors of the industry. Lightweight and yet tear-resistant, aluminum foil can be folded in many ways making it ideally suited for packing and wrapping different kind of products and product shapes.

In the pharmaceutical industry, aluminium foil is used to protect medicines from external influences during transport and storage.

Hardly any material is as versatile as aluminum.

The food industry relies on aluminum foil and aluminum composite foil packaging, benefiting from the good hygienic characteristics and the light and gas barrier properties of th

  Aluminium pouches and PET-met pouches

Pouches made of aluminum and metallized PET film (PET-met). The shining bags are made of PET-met.

The material. In the cosmetics industry a variety of aluminum tubes and spray cans are used.

Above all, the construction industry uses the insulating effect of aluminum foil, for example for insulating sewers, pipelines and complete buildings, as well as the construction of vapour barriers for saunas or cellar walls.

In the energy sector, in particular, the low weight and the high conductivity of the aluminum foil are used to insulate power cables. The telecommunications industry, on the other hand, uses aluminum foil and its special barrier properties to protect fiber optic cables from moisture and to shield communications cables from electrostatic interference caused by electronic devices.

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