Aluminium profile protective film

With steady viscosity, convenient use, easy to tear off and paste on and no adhesive residue will be left. It is mainly used for protecting the surface of all kinds of aluminium alloy extruded profiles, like aluminium alloy coating materials, oxidizing and coloring profiles, oxidizing and polishing profiles; the surface protection for plastic materials and plastic-steel doors and windows prevent it from being damaged in the process of transportation, storage and processing and installation.

Technical parameter

Base material Adhesive Thickness
color Adhesive force(g/25mm) Tensile strength(N/25MM) Stretch rate(%)
Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical
Polyethylene Water-solubility glue 30-120 50-2300 50-500 Transparent, blue, milky white, black base with white surface (pattern or character can be printed on it) 80-400 >8 >15 >300 >180

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