5 Layer and 7 Layer High Barrier Films

Dehui Film is  a manufacturer of 5 & 7 Layer Nylon (Barrier) Film.Here we introduce 2 main kinds of of popular products: 5 Layer Layer High Barrier Films and and 7 Layer High Barrier Films

  Features :

  5 Layer High Barrier Films

Our range of 5 Layer Barrier Films are High barrier packaging material suitable for packaging of less oxygen sensitive products. The 5 Layer Barrier Films incorporates a Nylon / Polyamide barrier, which makes it suitable for packing shelf stable products requiring shelf life from 6 to 24 months.

Incorporation of High Barrier EVOH in the 5 Layer Barrier Films, ensure extensive protection of shelf sensitive products having limited shelf life of 30 to 60 days. Nylon and EVOH barriers prevent any contact of oxygen and moisture, thus protecting the products from rancidity and other forms of deterioration of natural properties.

Some of the major application areas are:

Edible oil pouch

Pure ghee pouch

UHT milk pouch for long shelf life

  7 Layer Higher Barrier Films

SBFIPL manufactures high quality PA/PE and EVOH co-extruded up to 7 layer High Barrier Films with innovative possibilities for converters and laminators. PA and EVOH barriers conserve the freshness of the food as well as the profit on packed perishables.

Outstanding barrier performance to oxygen

Excellent barrier for preserving freshness

Appetizing food presentation allowing for longer shelf life

7 Layer Higher Barrier Films are widely utilized for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) applications. MAP is extensively used for packaging of the products that are highly oxygen sensitive and need to stored controlled atmospheric conditions.

Major application areas for 7 Layer Higher Barrier Films are enlisted below :

Edible Oil: Best suited for oils which require better shelf life viz, Gingelly, Soybean oil etc

Ghee, Cheese bags and other all Dairy Products

Poultry bags, Meat and Marine Products

Processed and Snack Foods

Vacuum pouches for Cashew Nuts, Dry Fruits and Turmeric & Spices etc.,

Aromatic and Beverage products like Tea, Coffee,

All types of food products like Salt, Sugar, Rice, Wheat, Flours etc.

Pharmaceutical & Surgical Applications

Paints & Varnishes

Lamitubes Applications

Shampoo, detergents etc.

Epoxy & Isocyanides

Fuel Additives & Greases

Thermoformable bottom webs for processed meats

Barrier pouches for processed meats and cheese

Vacuum packs

Hot fill and Reboilable bags

Special features of seven layer film :

Excellent Barrier Properties: This will help the packed product to have better shelf life, retains aroma and act as barrier to oxygen, dust, moisture, etc

Superb Sealing: Thereby eliminates the leakages and machine losses

Tougher and Puncture Resistance Film: Nylon imparts better impact and drop resistance which helps in safer and longer shipments

Better Machinability: It is a versatile film and can run on any type of FFS and other machines

Attractive Print-ability: Film offers better & effective print-ability

Economical: Cost wise and Weight wise

Aroma retention

Longer Shelf life

Prevents migration of products & delamination

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