What is Mylar bags made of?

Mylar Bags is very important for packing recent years.and its application is become more and more, especially in China market.and there is more and more factory in producing in it and improve its quaintly and materials structure.

  What is Mylar bags made of?

Mylar bags are opaque, made from metalised polyester. Its structure is simple.With Mylar bags, the air is removed by the addition of oxygen absorbers, also known as oxygen scavengers.

  Mylar Bags applications

DEHUI produces Mylar bags and films for a wide range of applications which require high barrier packaging to protect against the effects of oxygen, moisture, and light. Mylar possesses many desirable properties including gas and moisture resistance, chemical stability, high tensile strength, and when laminated to aluminum foil, Mylar provides a higher puncture resistance than any metallized polyester film. 75% of DEHUI’s work orders are for custom sizes, printing, or materials. We have over 60 films available for custom package production ranging from 2.0mil to 7.5mil in thickness in many colors, and even transparent.

  Function of Mylar bags

Using Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers removes up to 99.99% of oxygen. The best vacuum sealer machines only remove around 99.5% oxygen, making oxygen absorbers 50 times more effective. Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers will remove the oxygen, but not nitrogen or other gases, so the actually volume of gas in the bag will only reduce by approximately one fifth. Bacteria can only grow in aerobic (oxygen rich) environments, so the presence of nitrogen and other gases in the sealed bag will not allow bacteria to grow.

Mylar bags are also much ‘tougher’ and more resistant to gas permeability than vacuum sealer bags, due to their metalised nature. Mylar bags can be considered to be like a flexible aluminium can, protecting the contents from not just gas permeability, but also light, heat, pests and damage due to impact and environmental factors.

  The shapes of Mylar bags

The bags are available with various openings: plain opening bags, zip-lock bags, and vac-seal bags for use with vacuum sealing machines. They come in 3 different sizes: 20 x 30 cm, 25 x 35 cm and 35 x 50 cm.

Custom Pouches: Many pouches are produced to customer specifications with a choice of sizes, colors, printed and unprinted. For more information provide the size, application, and quantity required to:   [email protected]

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