Black Polyester Film

Black PET Film,Black Polyester Film

  Our Black pet film is made from special color master batch. (Chip dyed bopet film)


Black pet film Can be used for

  • Insulation tape,insulation application
  • light shielding or shade tape
  • Adhesive tape
  • Surface of drum
  • Insulating spacer of electronic element
  • Apply to make black tape
  • Tape black slippery paper
  • Shading piece, screen
  • R type transformer Outsourcing
  • Sound film diaphragm manufacturing


  • High coverage of black
  • Even、permanent black color,smooth、bright surface
  • High mechanical property and heat resistance
  • Applied to Audio tape liner、Electronic-sonic component、Adhesive tape etc.
  • Black pet film with low light transmittance and uniform corona, excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Black film with high light shading performance; Excellent electrical insulation performance; Very good coating processing performance.


50 micron, 75 micron, 100 micron,125 micron,188 micron,250 micron,300 micron Black Polyester Film

Color available

blue pet film ,red pet film ,pink pet film ,black pet film,white pet film