6 micron PET Film,thin gauge clear pet film We are 6 micron polyester film manufacturers and suppliers in China, which conforms to international quality standards. We offer high quality pet film for flexible packaging.

 The PET film thickness range can be from 6 mic to 350 micron for clear pet film.


Our polyester film Details:

  •   Transparency:Transparent
  •   Hardness: Soft
  •   Thickness:6 micron–350 micron
  •   Width: 300mm—2500mm
  •   Core Tube: 3” 6”
  •   Unit Pack: 6000m 12000m 18000m 24000m 36000m/roll
  •   Package:Pallet packaging or Plywood pallet packaging ,or as your requirement
  •   Delivering:Ready if with stock or within 5-7 days for producing.

  PET film is a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is used for its high tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, transparency, reflectivity, gas and aroma barrier properties, and electrical insulation etc.

  Our corona treated pet film,chemically treated pet film are suitable for various printing & lamination application.

  We also have matte pet film,white pet films which are suitable for printing.Our clear pet film thickness range from 6-250mic with one side or 2 sides corona treatment,

  Chemically treated pet film can be used for various printing and lamination ,flexible packaging applications.


  •   Good clarity and transparency
  •   Good adhesion to inks&lacquers
  •   Excellent mechanical& thermal properties

Standard thickness for printing and lamination

  •   6mic pet film,7micron pet film,8micron pet film
  •   12mic, 23 mic ,50 mic pet film for printing and lamination.
  •   75 mic ,100 mic corona treated pet film for printing and lamination.
  •   125 micron corona treated pet film for printing and lamination.
  •   150 micron corona treated pet film for printing and lamination.
  •   188 micron corona treated pet film for printing and lamination.
  •   These are melting at high temperature. Available in 6 micron to 250 micron.

Application of Polyester Film:

  These Polyester Film are made using high quality material and posses some of the best features.

  Thus, these polyester films find wide application in many industries like: Electronics industry,Soft Packaging industry,Food products packaging industry,Aluminum Lamination, Heat Transferring.