12 mic 23 mic 25 mic 50 mic 100 mic white pet film

White PET film grade is a Bi-axially Oriented Polyester film characterized by high opacity, whiteness and low transparency. Dehui Films can supply white PET Films including heat sealable, metalized and cavitated products.

Its high mechanical strength and dimensional stability makes this film suitable for varied printing applications especially in label and graphics industry.


We can provide WHITE PET film in rolls and sheet.


About the White PET film, our thickness range is from 12 micron to 350 micron.Especially, the thickness of 12 mic 23 mic 25 mic 50 mic 100 mic 188 micron white pet film are very popular and hot selling.

12 mic, 23 mic,25 mic white polyester film.

They are mainly used in printing and lamination.They request for corona or chemically treated. To enhance the adhesive of ink. Adhesive tapes Polyester label.


50 mic white PET film

The lamination application is more. Electrical flexible laminates Electrical flexible laminates

100 mic white PET film

It is for printing in A4 size is more. Polyester tubing


188 mic white PET film

It is widely used for electrical insulation,motor film. Keyboard insulation, TV/Monitor insulation

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